best chinese made double shaft stepper motor planetary gearbox

Quick Details

Phase: 3
Type: Hybrid
Certification: CE, ISO, ROHS, UL
Step Angle(degrees): Customized
Holding Torque: 78.4N/cm
Current / Phase: 1 A
Name: double shaft stepper motor planetary gearbox
Dielectric strength: 500V AC, 1S, 2mA
Insulation class: B
Rotor inertia: 260g/cm2
Length: 56mm
Weight: 600g
Number of wires: 6
Phase inductance: 17mH
Phase resistance: 7.4ohms
Insulation resistance: 100mmin, at 500V

Special Features

Step angle accuracy: 1.8° ±5%
Temperature rise: 80°C max
Ambient temperature: -20 to +50°C
Insulation resistance: 100m min, at 500V
Dielectric strength: 500V AC, 1S, 2mA
Insulation class: B

Part number MP057SB201
Phase current 1 A
Phase resistance 7.4ohms
Phase inductance 17mH
Holding torque 78.4N/cm
Detent torque 5.8N/cm
Number of wires 6
Rotor inertia 260g/cm2
Length 56mm
Weight 600g



1.How could you help me select an appropriate motor solution for my application?

A:The absolute minimum information required to properly select a motor solution is the supply voltage, available continuous and peak current, load torque, speed at load, and desired motor technology (brush or brushless). To be sure, the more application information you can provide, the more accurate and exact motor we can offer or quote to you.

2.What environmental considerations are there?

IP CCTV Camera Use Maintex 24BYJ Stepper Motor

Typical environmental temps for the motor should be in a low humidity environment with an ambient temperature range of –20 C to +50 C. BLDC motors do have IP ratings associated to them and limited customization can be done to increase the IP rating. If severe conditions require IP ratings of IP54 or higher, a customized motor construction is required to accommodate this need.

3.Should I use brushless motor or brush motor in my application?

It should be important to decide when it comes to determining which motor you will need for whatever application or project you are realizing, and your choice will depend on a variety of factors. Some major issues you will need to consider are target cost, amount of power you will need and how long you need it to last.

If you have a project or application where you will only need a motor for short term use or light daily duty, you may prefer a cheaper one that may wear out more quickly.

4.What is the lifetime of brush motor?

This is a tricky question to answer in a short paragraph. The life of the brushes, bearings, and gearbox (if used) all play an important role in the longevity of a Brush DC Motor. Most commonly, Brush DC Motor life expectancies range from 1,000 to 5,000 hours of operation, although actual service life varies.

Brush DC Motor design, operating current, speed, voltage, rotation direction, duty cycle and other conditions are all contributing factors.