easy assembling drive 90 degree angle bevel agitator gearbox for waste water treatment

high quality worm gear reducer

Quick Details

Gearing Arrangement: Worm
Output Torque: 1.8 - 2430N.M
Rated Power: 1HP - 20HP Motor
Input Speed: 1400 Rpm
Output Speed: 14 RPM - 280 RPM
Toothed Portion Shape: Involute spur gear
Manufacturing method of gear: Cast gear
Worm Gear Unit Color: Silver or Blue
Material of Housing: Aluminum Alloy, Cast Iron
Mount Position: Foot Mounted, Flange Mounted
Certification: ISO9001-2000
Extra Service: OEM Welcome
Applications: Converyors, Packaging, Loading, Automation


Product Description

Aluminum alloy speed gearbox, worm gear box, gear reducer NMRV025-150 is made by Nayuan Transmission Machinery has many advantages compared with the speed reducer made by other company. Our company worm gearbox available in a vast range of sizes and ratios for dependable cost effective solutions. Nayuan Transmission adopts high quality aluminum alloy die casting box to manufacture worm gear reducer to ensure a long reliable working life. Our worm gear speed reducer features in light weight, good appearance, compact structure and rust-proof. Nayuan can provide worm gear speed reducer with various reduction ratios for the customers to choose.


Detail Accessories

Model:Worm Gear Speed Reducer
Model:NMRV025, 030, 040, 050, 063, 075, 090, 110, 130, 150
Color:Blue, Silver Or On Customer Request
noise:low noise (<50DB)
Advantage:Efficient and safe operating
Material:Housing: Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy
Worm Gear-Bronze 9-4#
Worm-20CrMn Ti with carburizing and quenching, surface harness is 56-62HRC
Shaft-chromium steel-45#
Packing:Carton and Wooden Case
Bearing:C&U Bearing
Warranty:12 months
Input Power:0.06kw, 0.09kw, 0.12kw, 0.18kw, 0.25kw, 0.37kw, 0.55kw, 0.75kw, 1.1kw, 1.5kw
Usages:Industrial Machine: Food Stuff, Ceramics,CHEMICAL,Packing,Dyeing,
IEC Flange:56B5, 56B14, 63B5, 63B14, 71B5, 71B14, 80B5, 80B14, 90B5, 90B14, 100B5
Lubricant:Synthetic & Mineral















Surface Painting

Direct factory provide gearbox motor/ transmission gearbox/ mechanical gearbox
For Aluminum Alloy Housing:
1. Shot blasting and special antiseptic treatment on the aluminum alloy surface
2. After phosphating, paint with blue or sliver.
For Cast Iron Housing:
Before paint with blue or sliver, need paint with red antirust pain first.
Direct factory provide gearbox motor/ transmission gearbox/ mechanical gearbox


Service Factor

Aluminum alloy speed gearbox/ worm gear box/ gear reducer NMRV025-150
Please read before use
1. Load condition
2. Speed of rotationi or speed ratio (combination with combine speed reducer can get extra low outputing rotational speed)
3. Work circumstance (temperature, humidity, corrosion etc.)
4. Space of installation