harmonic reducer

FHT Harmonic reducer(also known as strain wave gearing) offer the ultimate in precision motion control technology. Our product range includes gearheads and component sets designed to exceed the most demanding motion control applications.

Harmonic gearing is low to zero backlash by design. It provides high transmission accuracy and can support a high ratio reduction in a single stage with lower inertia. The highly accurate, torque dense design makes harmonic gearing the perfect solution for robotic and other positioning control applications.

Precision Harmonic Drive gearing products are available with gear ratios from 3:1 to 45:1 with backlash maintained below 1 arc-min. High capacity output bearings are utilized for robust and accurate support of loads. Other benefits include flange and shaft output configurations, hollow shaft designs, and sizes ranging from 0.625 inches to over 10 inches in diameter. These gearheads can be easily adapted to any OEM servo motor.