helical worm geared motors series speed reducer jie gear mm

Gear Motor 90 degree reducer

Quick Details

Gearing Arrangement: Helical
Output Torque: 11-4650N.m
Rated Power: 0.12-22kW
Input Speed: 1440r/min
Output Speed: 0.08-360r/min

Product highlights

1. All products follow a modular, optimized design concept, use the finite element analysis technology, adopt unique low-noise gear tooth profile design, to ensure the advanced nature of design
2. Fine transmission ratio grade ,have millions of different kinds of combination, be able to meet users’ different needs.
3.Meticulous process from material selection to manufacturing, strict and precise housing casting, beautiful outlook and strong, carburizing and hardening gear, durable and prolonged use.
4. Use the FMC flexible manufacturing unit to process to realize high accuracy and free maintenance of products.
5. Anchor installation, flange and torque arm installation for reducers.
6. Solid shaft, hollow shaft output mode, and can choose a single bond, spline or locking plate connection.



The colors of products have standard color,image color and selection color.Image color for JIE special color "Star Red" with "titanium gray" combination of programs. Standard color for the main brand promotion "titanium gray." This color is medium color, can be better integrated into various types of application scenarios, enhance the overall reducer and equipment.

We can provide a wealth of product options color, optional color contains: signal white, sky blue, obsidian black, vermilion, gray. Customers can choose according to their different needs of the corresponding product color.


Packaging & Shipping

New products use new packaging methods, more durable. The package can be shipped by car or by container.
According to different packaging materials, we have carton packaging and wooden packaging. Standard packaging and printing content include: JIE brand information, box specifications, transport warehousing norms icon, product information and product selling point icon.



Q1: I want to buy your products, how can I pay?
A: You can pay via T/T(30%+70%), L/C .

Q2: How can you guarantee the quality?
A: we set up the office in Europe, America and other countries. We provide all quality services. One year's warranty against B/L date. If you meet with quality problem, please send us pictures or video to check, we promise to send spare parts or new products to replace. Our guarantee not include inappropriate operation or wrong specification selection.

Q3: How we select models and specifications?
A: You can email us the series code (for example: R series helical gearbox) as well as requirement details, such as motor power, output speed or ratio, service factor or your application...as much data as possible. If you can supply some pictures or drawings, it is nice.

Q4: If we don’t find what we want on your website, what should we do?
A: We offer three options:
1. You can email us the pictures, drawings or descriptions details. We will try to design your products on the basis of our standard models
2. We can develop new products if they have good market. We have already developed many items for special using successful, such as special gearbox for agitator, cement conveyor, shoes machines and so on.

Q5: Can we buy 1 pc of each item for quality testing?
A: Yes, we are glad to accept trial order for quality testing.