high precision harmonic drive reducer for robotics

Quick Details

Gearing Arrangement: Harmonic
Output Torque: 10Nm
Rated Power: Harmonic Drive Reducer
Input Speed: 3000r/min
Output Speed: Harmonic Drive Reducer
Certificate: ISO9001
Logo: Laifual Drive
Gear Ratio: 80
Arc sec: ≤10
Axiality: 0.005mm
Net Weight: 0.75kg
Design Life: 10000h
Size: L:100mm W:100mm H:75mm
Packing: One Set of Harmonic Drive Reducer in one standard carton.
Application: Robotics;Medical;Defense;Aerospace;Machine Tool

Main Features

High Precision Gear
Many teeth in the position of the two 180-degree symmetry Joggle.Gear tooth pitch error and the cumulative influence of pitch error on rotation accuracy is average. Very high position accuracy and running accuracy can be obtained.

High Ratio
Single harmonic drive gear ratio of up to i=30 to 500. Simple structure, three basic components on the shaft can be achieved with high reduction ratios.

High Load Capacity
Harmonic drive, tooth and meshing of the teeth is the contact, together with colleagues more meshing number of teeth, thus the load per unit area is small. Higher load capacity than other forms of transmission.

Small Volume and Light Weight
High Transmission Efficiency and Long Service Life


Q:What’s the general delivery time?

The delivery time for us as standard drawing is 10-15 working days.If you need to modify the drawing,we will recheck the new delivery time for you.

Q:Could you manufacture products as the modified drawing or the drawing from clients?

Yes.Clients can supply your drawings of harmonic drive to us or modify the standard drawing directly.We will do evaluations for you.

Q:Could you recommend models of harmonic drive for clients?

Yes,it’s our honor to recommend for you if need.Just pls send your robot load,your motor power,your request ratio and so on.

Q:Do you have professional technology team?

Yes,our technicians are all professional.They can help you to solve different technology questions.If any questions about Laifual harmonic drive,pls feel free to contact with us.

Q:Do you have catalog of harmonic drive to select?

Yes,we have.You can select models by yourself according to the catalog of us.And we will quote and send the 2D and 3D drawings to you for confirming.

Q:How about your accuracy?

Our accuracy is 1 arc/min 0 backlash