horizontal type planetary motorreductor speed reducer

Horizontal Type Speed Reducer

Product Description

The horizontal ac 3hp gear motor reducer widely used steel industry, machinery industry, or assembled with magnetic powder clutch and brake , etc. Ac gear motor is generally through the motor, internal combustion engines or other high speed running power through the low rpm ac gear motor input shaft of the less number of gear engagement on the output shaft of big gear to achieve the purpose of the slowdown.

Product Features

1,Geared motor with characteristics: small size, light weight, knot no noise, compact, maintenance-free .

2, gear motor high tightness. Geared motor output section of the configuration seals and O -rings to prevent gear motor gear box grease reflux , avoid damage to insulation aging gear motor

3, geared motors high efficiency. The gear motor products using the new silicon steel stamping die design, high precision core, strong magnetic properties, geared motor cooling structure using the new shape .

4, characteristics of a good gear motor: gear motor optimal design, the ST ( speed - torque ) features optimized so that gear motors can work for a variety of operating environments.

5, geared motors customized, our company has developed its own design team, geared motors can be customized according to the customer 's specific needs specifications.

Our Gear Motor Advantages

1: Product warranty period:24 months

2:Original gear material is from Taiwan.

3: Using NSK, SKF, TPI bearings to ensure long-term operating life.

4: Using IP55 dust-proof and water-proof junction box.

5: Using Taiwan high temperature oil seal, the oil seal can be used at -20-260 degress centigrade.

6: The precision level of gear shaft is 1-2 class. Its material is SCM21, HRC58--60.

7: The precision level of gear is 2-3 class,Its material is steel 45, HRC58--60.