nmrv worm gearbox reducer

NMRV worm gearbox reducer

Quick Details

Gearing Arrangement: Worm
Output Torque: 1100-1760 N.M
Rated Power: 0.11-1.48 KW
Input Speed: <1500rpm
Output Speed: 0.28-8rpm
House: Aluminum alloy


Product summary

NMRV series worm gear reducer is a new generation of products combining the international advanced technology based on the original WP series products. It adopts advanced square box structure, high quality die-casted Aluminum alloy. It has small volume, light weight, high strength, and heat dissipation, attractive and durable.

The reducer has big output torque, smooth transmission and low noise, it adopts all-closed structure, good sealing, free of maintenance, can adapt to comprehensive installation.


NRV-NMRV Model & Marker


NRV+NMRVWorm geared motor
NRV+NMRVWorm reduction unit
040/090Center distance
500Reduction ratio
VSDouble input shaft  
ASSingle output shaftABDouble output shaft
PAMFitted for motor coupling80B5Motor mounting facility
0.75 KWElectric motor powerAS1 


Solution and reason

Fault descriptionReasonsSolutions

Insufficient oil

Inferior oil

Bad rejection of heat of the enclosure

Adjust loading or select large unit

Fill in adequate oil

Fill in proper oil

Clean the surface of the enclosure

NoisePoor fit between gear and shaft

Worn wheel over-damaged

Bearing damaged or clearance too large

Insufficient oil

Invaded by foreign objects

Finish the surface of worn-gear

Replace worm

Replace bearing

Fill in adequate oil

Remove foreign objects and replace oil

Worm wheel


Over loading

Insufficient oil

Inferior oil

Adjust loading or select large unit

Fill in adequate oil

Replace proper oil

Oil leakageOil seal damaged

Gasket damaged

Excess oil

Oil filler Loosed

Oil-level plug damaged

Replace oil seal

Replace gasket

Adjust quantity of oil

Tighten oil filler

Replace oil-level plug


Installation notes

--The mounting on the machine must be stable to avoid any vibration.

--Check the correct direction of rotation of the reduction unit output shaft before fitting the unit to the machine.

--In the case of particularly lengthy of storage (4-6 months) if the oil seal is not immersed in the lubricant inside recommended changing it since the rubber could stick to the shaft or even has lost the elasticity it needs to function prober.

--For a shaft mounting, for reduction units with a hollow output shafts, use the torque arms motion clinic can supply. If it is make sure that the constraint is axially free and with such as play as to ensure free movement to the reduction unit.

--Whenever possible, protect the reduction unit against solar radiation and bad weather.

--Ensure the motor cools correctly by assuring good passage of air from the fan side.

--In the case of ambient temperatures<-5°C and >+40°C contact motion clinic.

--The various parts (pulleys, gear wheels, couplings, shaft, etc.) must be mounted on the solid or hollow shafts using special holes or other systems that anyhow ensure correct operation with-out risking damage to the bearing or external parts of the unit.

--Painting must definitely not go over rubber parts and the holes on the breather plugs, if there are any.

--Taking out the seal embolism of the oil hole.

--Check the height of the oil level.

--Supposing the gear units have not coupled with the motor, please pay attention to the following items to make sure rightly connection. To mounting as the B5, B1.

--Check the whether the tolerance between the shaft and motor flange fit for the essential standard.

--Washing the dirt and the paint on the surfaces of the shaft, center bore and the flange.

--Mounting avoid the gear unit incur strength.

--Check the position and the deviation of the motor key slot.

--Lubricate the surface in contact to avoid seizure or oxidation.

--Starting must take place gradually, without immediately applying the maximum load.

--When there are parts objects or materials under the motor drive that can be damaged by even limited spillage of oil, special should be fitted.