nmrv040 worm gear price worm drive

worm gear reducer

Quick Details

Gearing Arrangement:Worm
Output Torque:11.2~53
Rated Power:0.12,0.18,0.22,0.252,0.37
Input Speed:1400rpm
Output Speed:14-280rpm
Gearing arrangement:worm
Material:Aluminum Alloy
Oil seal:CTY
Color:Blue silver
Prduct status:Stock


> ZK type conical envelope transmission principle.

>Advanced wearable material .

>Superior performance,compact structure,small and high efficiency .

>easy to mount,easy for maintenance and overhaul.

>Large coverage of speed ratio,it has larger ratoing torque and good overloading capacity.

Running stable,durable and lower noise,

Strong serviceability,safe and reliable.


Scope of applications

>It can work under the condition of high inertia.

>It can work under the condition of high dynamic tensions.

>It is suitable to be used in a temperature range -10°to +60°.

>It can work under the condition of over 1 atmosphere

>Avoid wet/liquid condition


Service factor

Please read before use:
- Load condition

- Speed of rotation or speed ratio(combination with combine speed reducer can geat extra low outputting rotational speed)

- Work circumstance (temperature,humidity,corrosion etc)

- Space of installation

Ensure coeffcient of work condition K1 and coefficient of revise K2

- According to the table 1,choose machinery loading type A,B,C

- According to the working time(h/d) and frequency (times/h) get the coeffifient of work condition K1 from table

- According to the table pick up coefficient of revise K2


How to select

-At first,to ensure the value of input machinery load T,multiple K1 and K2 by T,then you can get the value of output torque,on the basis of which,also consider speed of output rotation or speed ratio then you can choose specification.

-You can caculate the output torque based on the known input power,reasonable ratio or speed of output ratation,then you can choose specification.


To installthe gear reducer it is necessary to note the following recommendations:
-Suggest the rotate speedofworm lessthan1500r/min
-Check thecorrect direction of rotation of the gear reducer output shaft before fittinf the unit to the machine.
-In case of particularly length periods of storange ,if the oil seal is not immersedin the lubricant inside the unit,it isrecommendedto changeitsince the revver could stick to the shaft or may even have lost the elasticity it needs to cuntion properly.
-Wheneverpossibl,protect the gear reducer against solar radiation and bad weather.
-Ensure themotor coolscorrectly by ensuring good passage ofair from the fan side.
-In the caseofambient temperature call the technical service
-The various parts (pulleys,gear wheels,couplings ,shafts,etc) must be mounted on the sulid or hollow shafts using special threaded holes or other systems that anyhow ensure correct operation without risking damage to the bearings or external parts of the units.Lubricate the surfaces in contact to avoid seizure of oidation.
-Painting must definitel not go over rubber paots and the holes on the breather plugs ,if any.
-For units equippedwith oil plugs ,replace the closed plug used for shipping with the special breather plug.
-Check the corrected levelofthe luricant through the indicator,if there is one.
-Starting must take place gradually,without immediately applying the maximum load.
-When there are parts ,bojects or materials under the mottor drive that can be damaged by even limited spillage of iol,special protection should be fitted


1.The motors need to be suitable for operation at the envisaged ambient temperature.
2.The power of the electric motor needs to be adequate for exceeding the higher starting torques required.
3.In case of the cast-iron gear reducers,pay attention to impact loads since cast iron may have problems of fragility at temperatures under -15°C.
4.Duiring the early stages of service ,problems of lubrucation may arise due to the high level of xiscosity taken on by the joil and so it is wise to have a few minutes of ratation under no load.
The oil need to be changed agter approximately 10,000 hours.This period depends on the type of service and the environment where the gear reducer works for units supplied without oil plugs,lubrication ls perment and so they need no servicing.