precision gearbox

Gearboxes are a fundamental component of many drive systems. With a wide range of designs and configurations available, gearboxes can be used to increase torque, reduce or increase speed, reverse rotation, or change the direction of the driveshaft. Gearboxes are often referred to as speed reducers, gear reducers, reducers, gear drives, and gearmotors.

FHT designs and manufactures high precision gearboxes in a range of sizes, from miniature to robust. We offer unique, compact, and lightweight gearboxes in ratios up to 3600:1, with output torque as high as 850Nm.

We offer the widest standard range of speed reducers, We also offer customized gearboxes, with endless combinations of these configurations available. The possibilities are limited only by system requirements and designer imagination.

No matter the size, material, or type of precision gearbox you need, FHT manufacturers have it in stock or can custom make it.