r k f s series bevel gear reverse dc motor robot arm gearbox reducer for buggy

F series bevel gear reverse gearbox 

Quick Details

Gearing Arrangement: Bevel / Miter
Output Torque: 375~519520Nm(customized)
Rated Power: 1.5~6229KW(customized)
Input Speed: 600~1500rpm
Output Speed: 1.5~1200rpm(customized)
Pole: three stage four stage six Stage
Ratio: 7.96-16978
Housing Material: Cast Iron
Working temperature: -40~45℃
Application: mining, chemical industry,steel metallurgy,lifting transpor and ect.
Process: Carburizing, Nitriding , Grinding
Efficiency: 94%~98%
Mounting Position: Horizontal,Vertical,Flange
Color: Blue,Green,Gray,Red
Type: bevel gear reverse dc motor robot arm gearbox reducer for buggy


Model selection

Closely using the ideal reduction ratio.

Reduction ratio = servo motor speed / reducer output shaft speed

Torque calculation: Torque calculation is very important for the life of reducer, and pay attention to whether the maximum torque value (TP) of acceleration exceeds the maximum load torque of the reducer.

The applicable power is usually the applicable power of the servo models on the market, the applicability of the reducer is very high, the working coefficient can be maintained above 1.2, but the choice can also be based on their own needs to decide.Electric Motor Speed Reducer with reduction gear for sliding gate.R K F S series bevel gear reverse dc motor robot arm gearbox reducer for buggy.



1. Big Volecity- Reducing Ratio:Ratio of single-stage speed-reducing is 1/11-1/87; Ratio of double stage speed-reducing is 1/112-1/5133;Ratio of three-stage speed-reducing is 1/2057-1/446571;more-stages can be combined according to the requirement.Industrial 5: 1 ratio gearbox reduction gearbox prices for bucket conveyor.

2. High driving efficiency:Due to adopting rolling engagement in falling-in part, the driving efficiency can reach above 90%.3: 1 ratio reduction gearbox prices for belt conveyor.

3. Small in size, light weight: with compacted structure,small size and light weight. Due to adopting the principle of planet driving so that the input and output shaft in the same axis which will integrated with the motor.

4. Long service life: Has good resistance to abrasion because the main driving engaging parts are made of bearing steel and applying rolling friction.Hypoid Gearing Arrangement gearbox prices for steel and iron industry.

5. Stable running: for most driving procedure, we adopt multi-teeth falling-in. Then the running will be stable with low noise.Electric Motor Speed Reducer with reduction gear for conveyor and production line.

6. Convenient dismounting:reasonable structure and design.

7. Strong overloading ability,anti-compact,suitable for frequently start and double-side rotation.



1.Q:Are you the factory or trading company?
A:We are the professional Factory with 22 years of experience.

2.Q:Can you customize according to our requirements?
A:Yes, we can design nonstandard products according to customer's drawing and sample.

3.Q:How long is the delivery date?
A:10-20 working days.