small high precision helical servo stepper motor planetary gearbox

VRL round flange gearbox

Quick Details

Gearing Arrangement:Spur
Output Torque:MAX 1250N.M
Rated Power:5W-2000W
Input Speed:0RPM-6000RPM
Output Speed:According to motor
Full Load Efficiency:90%-98%
Assembly model:Round Flange/Square Flange Type
Match Motor:Servo Motor,Stepper Motor
Operating Temperature:-25°C-+90°C
Lubrication type:Lifetime
Application:Printing machine, packing machine, CNC tools, sweeping machine


1.Quiet operation

Helical gears contribute to reduce vibration and noise

2.High precision

Standard backlash is arc-min,ideal for precision control

3.High rigidity&torque

High rigidity&high torque were achieved by uncaged needle roller bearings

4.Adapter-bushing connection

Can be attached to any motor all over the world

5.No grease leakage

Perfect solution using high viscosity anti-separation grease.


No need to replace the grease for the life of the unit.Can be attached in any position.


Q: How long can I get my production after payment?
A: We would delivery within 7-10 days after payment confirmation.

Q: Do get the relevant certification of products?
A: Yes, so far, we have got the certification of CE.

Q: What is your after-sales services?
A: 1. We would supply the free maintenance within 12 months guarantee.
2. We would supply the professional solutions during using.

Q: How much is the freight and what is the mode of transportation?
A: The freight is based on the weight of order and the distance of shipment.
The mode of transportation we can supply is EMS, DHL, FedEx, TNT and so on.

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