transtecno spg equivalant 12v 24v dc brush gear motor

90W DC gear motor

Quick Details

Usage: Light duty machine
Certification: CCC, CE, ROHS, UL, Other
Type: Gear Motor
Torque: 0.08-300N.m
Construction: Square or round
Commutation: Brush
Protect Feature: Totally Enclosed
Speed(RPM): 7.6-3000rpm
Continuous Current(A): 0.3-21A
Output Power: 6W~750W
Voltage(V): 6V 12V 24V 48V 90V 220V
Efficiency: IE1-IE4
Gear ratio: 3-4000



We have both DC motor and Brushless DC motor, including 5 kinds of 300 products. The watt is from 3W to 750W, voltage is from 12VDC to 220VDC. The advantages of our motors are steady work, big starting and rated torque, low noise, high efficiency and long life.



PriceCompetitive & Reasonable. Our mission is to “Greening the World”. Distributing massively in a cheap price is our strategy. We want more and more people are using renewable products.
QualityQuality control is done by 4 processes: Manufacturer Control + Material Control + Production Control + Finished Goods Control.
Delivery100% on-time delivery Guaranteed
Evaluation100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
ServicesEnglish, German, Japanese and Chinese sales representatives are available for One-stop full services.
Business typeManufacture & Trading & EPC. Greensky Power has subsidiary company producing DC motor and gearbox which makes our price very competitive. At same time, Greensky Power has a subsidiary EPC company which can give professional technical support for complicated technical questions.

Our products have been sold to strict clients in Germany and Japan. They are all satisfied with our products. Delivering quality products and convenient communication service are our goal.



1 Q:What infomation should I tell you to confirm the DC motor?
A: Model/Size B:Ratio and output speed C:Power and voltage D:Order quantity.

2 Q: What if I don't know which DC motor I need?
A:Don't worry, Send as much information as you can, our team will help you find the right one you are looking for.

3 Q:How long should I wait for the feedback after I send the enquiry?
A: Within 12 hours.

4 Q:What is your warrenty period for DC motor?
A:We offer one year warrenty since the vessel departure date left China.

5 Q:What industries are your DC motor being used?
A:Our gearboxes are widely used in the areas of household appliances and light industry,etc.