wpdz series worm gear wheels 1:30 ratio gearbox reducer

Worm Gear Wheels ratio 30 reducer

Quick Details

Gearing Arrangement:Worm
Output Torque:19-2371N.m
Rated Power:0.12-33.2KW
Input Speed:1500rpm
Output Speed:25-150rpm
Name:worm gearbox in speed reducer
Application:Mining, metallurgy, electricity, machinery and so on.
Color:Customer Request
Material:Cast Iron
Serive:OEM serive
Delivery:7 days after payment or depending on the number of orders.


1. Smooth transmission, vibration, impact and noise are all small, large reduction ratio, versatility, and can be used with various mechanical equipments.

2. It can obtain a larger transmission ratio with a single-stage transmission, and the structure is compact. Most types of speed reducers have a good self-locking ability, and mechanical devices with braking requirements can save braking devices.

3. The meshing friction loss of the worm screw teeth and the worm gear tooth surface is large, so the transmission efficiency is lower than the gear, and it is easy to generate heat and high temperature.

4, the higher the lubrication and cooling requirements.

5, good compatibility, worm and worm gear are made according to national standards, bearings, oil seals and other standard parts.

6, the box type has a basic type (the box is a vertical or horizontal two structures with a foot board) and universal type (the box is a rectangular body, with a fixed screw hole on multiple sides, without a foot plate or another installed bottom Footplates and other structural types)

7, the input shaft connection has a basic type (single input shaft and dual input shaft), with two kinds of motor flange.

8. The output shaft and input shaft are in the direction of the input shaft and down; the output shaft is up and down; the input shaft is up and down.

9, can be used 2 or 3 reducer to form a multi-stage reducer, to get a great drive ratio.


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