wpl series right angle spur reversible servo motor gearbox

Servo Motor right angle Gearbox PAR060

Quick Details

Gearing Arrangement: Spur
Output Torque: MAX 18000RPM
Rated Power: 5W-2000W
Input Speed: 0RPM-6000RPM
Output Speed: According to motor
Ratio: 3-1000
Full Load Efficiency: 90%-98%
Assembly model: Round Flange/Square Flange Type
Match Stepper Motor: Nema 34
Operating Temperature: -25°C-+90°C
Weight (kg): 0.4-45
IP: IP54
Application: Printing machine, packing machine, CNC tools, sweeping machine
Lubrication type: Lifetime

Brief introduction

Gear box is used to transfer rotation and torque from motor to working machine

the function is to decrease speed by gears and increase torque.

*Main characteristic

  1. low backlash
  2. high output torque-the industry's highest torque density
  3. balanced motor pinion
  4. high efficiency(up to 97%)
  5. ratio 3:1 to 512:1
  6. low noise
  7. operable in any mounting positions
  8. lifetime lubrication

Brief introduction of planetary gearbox

1. Gear box is installed on the main reducer shell of rear axle and the power output is directly meshed with driven gear of main reducer through angular gear shaft.

2. Gear box has two speed gears and a reverse.

3. Low speed gear can make vehicles more traction and climbing ability while high speed gear can ensure requirements of vehicles running speed.

4.Gear box can improve the vehicle speed rang, give the function of power and economy increase.

5. Gear box implements the reduced fuel consumption and low carbon effect.

6. Adding to the application of structure of automobile synchronizer gear shifting.

7. More comfort and reliability to operate.


Be widely used for materials handing equipment, engineering machinery,metallurgy indusry,mining industry,petrochemical industry, construction machinery,textile industry, medical apparatus and instruments, instrument and meter industry,automobile industry,marine industry,weapons industry, aerospace field,and so on.


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