xb serial cycloidal planetary gear motor x gearbox

XB serial cycloidal planetary gear

Quick Details

Gearing Arrangement: Cycloidal
Output Torque: Top to 22920N.m
Rated Power: 0.25-90KW
Input Speed: 750-3000rpm
Output Speed: 0.011-161r/min
Color: As request
Quality Control System: ISO9001:2008
Certificate: CCC,CQM,Supplier Assessment, MA
Mounting Position: Horizontal (foot mounted) or Vertical (flange mounted)
Material: Steel or cast iron
Heat treatment: Carburising, quenching, gear grinding
Efficiency: High
Quality: Good quality
Bearings: ZWZ/LYC/HRB or SKF/NSK/FAG or according to clients' request

Product Description

cycloidal pinwheel reducer, adopting the principle of planetary drive with small teeth difference as well as engagement of cycloid pin gear, is a kind of novelty transmission machinery and drive reducer widely used in the fields of textile printing, light and food industry, metallurgy mine, petrochemical industry, lifting and transport, and engineering machinery and so on.
Our company manufactures cycloidal pinwheel reducers with excellent quality, reliable performance, complete specifications and reasonable price, which are awarded the title of “Quality Products of Jiangsu and Ministry of Machine Building”.


1. High reduction ratio and efficiency
Single-stage transmission can produce the reduction ration of 1:87 and over 90% efficiency. Multi-stage transmission will offer higher reduction ratio.
2. Compact structure and small volume
Due to the adoption of planetary transmission principle, input shaft and output shaft are at the same axis, so it has compact structure and small volume.
3. Stable operation and low noise
Cycloidal gear pins have more engagement, bigger overlap coefficient and mechanism of stable machine parts, so
4. Reliable operation and long service life
Major parts are manufactured with bearing steel, so they have excellent mechanical performance. The adoption of rolling friction makes them durable in use.
5. Powerful overload capacity, strong resistance to impact, small moment of inertia, and applicable to occasions with frequent stars and positive and negative rotating.


Our Services

1. We could supply the samples if you have a good quantity.

2. We undertake the problems due to quality.

3. We supply detail answers about technical questions.

4. Different kinds of payment are available for you.

5. We are the manufacturer so we could supply the products as soon as possible.

6. At the instance of our dear customer, we can do some nonstandard design.

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