xb2 size 40 harmonic reducer arrangement low price

 robot Harmonic reducer CSF

Quick Details

Gearing Arrangement: Harmonic
Output Torque: 2-1600nm
Rated Power: 0.003-0.8KW
Input Speed: 3000rmp
Output Speed: 1.488-0.012rmp
Speed ratio range: 1500~500000


Product Description

Harmonic drive is to use the elastic deformation of flexible components controlled to transfer movement and power.
Harmonic drive includes three basic components: wave generator, the soft wheel, just a wheel.Three components can be arbitrary fixed one, and the rest two one is active, a slave, can realize to slow down or growth (fixed ratio), and variable with two inputs and one output, a differential transmission (its principle as shown in figure)
When the first round of fixed, wave generator to active, when the soft wheel is driven: soft wheel deformation under the action of the elliptical CAM, at both ends of the shaft of the long wave generator soft wheel tooth and just wheel gear teeth meshing completely;In short the soft wheel gear shaft ends with just wheel tooth completely release;Within the range of wave generator long axis and short axis, soft wheel tooth and just wheel tooth is meshing state, called meshes into;Others gradually exit the meshing in half off state, known as the tooth out.Rotate by continuous wave generator to make the meshes into, meshing, tooth out completely, completely off the situation changes, in turn four cycle.Because of the soft wheel less than just the number of teeth on the round 2, when moving a week so when wave generator, the soft wheel turned two tooth Angle to the opposite direction, so as to realize the big reduction ratio.


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