about us

Fenghua Company started by a professional gear factory, factory staff and R&D team have 20 years of gear manufacturing research&development and design experience, the factory established planetary reducer division in 2004,and in the same year did the technical cooperation with Japan NDK company, optimizing planetary gear reducer series of product design and manufacturing process, the planetary gear reducer have the features of low back lash (5-8 arcmin), low noise (60 dab), high efficiency (> = 95%).It can match any servo and stepper motor produced from any factories.High precision planetary reducer has the characteristics of reducing rotate speed and improving torque,increasing the motor rotor inertia, improving the rigidity, shortening the positioning time of start and stop, the motor power miniaturization, at the same time improving the stability of the inertial load and reducing vibration.

In order to promote product upgrade,and adapt to high accuracy product application category, in2010, company launched the whole series of high precision helical planetary gear reducer, with ultra-low back lash (1-3 arcmin) precision grade, the newly developed product can directly replace the size of Germany and Japan, all product series is completed,widely used in machine tool (gantry machine tool), laser engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, the servo paper towel machine, concave and convex printing precision, precision coating machine, servo pipe bending machine, CNC spring machine, and other high degree of automation equipment.