Flat Top Chocolate Box Blood Bags Bottle Plane Surface Sticker Labeling Machine
Detailed Product Description

Name:Flat Labeling MachineModel:HAP200
Suitable For:Flat Product ,square Bottle ,box EtcMachine Material:SS 304
Product Size:48mmLabel Size:150mm
Accuracy Of Labeling::±0.8mm

Labeling machine for flat top chocolate box blood bags bottle plane surface sticker labeling applicator corner expire date hang

It’s applicable for all kinds of flat objects such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, stationery, CD disc, carton, box and various oil kettles etc. It’s for flat side labeling

The machine is made in SUS304 stainless steel and high grade aluminum alloy.

Imported step motor or servo motor is used for the labeling head to assure labeling speed and accuracy.

The photo electricity and control system apply advanced component from Germany or Japan or Taiwan.

Use PLC man-machine interface control system, which is easy to understand.

1. Size of Machine: 1600(L)×550(W)×1600(H)mm

2. Output Speed: 20-200pcs/min(it depends on the size of object and label length)

3. Auto stack machine: according to your products size, we can customize.

4. Height of Object: 185mm

5. Diameter of bottle:48mm

6. Height of bottle: 150mm

7.Height of Label:110mm

8. Length of Label:140mm

9. Accuracy of Labeling: ±0.8mm (excluding object and label error)

10. Label roller inside diameter: 76mm

11. Label roller outside diameter: 350mm

12. Power Supply: 220V 0.75KW 50/60HZ (if power supply different, a transformer is needed)

12. Air consumption of Printer: 5Kg/m2(if add coding machine

2Main converterDANFOSS(Denmark)1
4Servo labeling motorDELTA(Taiwan)1
5Servo labeling motor driverDELTA(Taiwan)1



1. Q: What label material does your machine use ?

A: Self-adhesive sticker,could glue, hot glue,oppetc. whether the label are in roll or pieces

2. Q: The machine is automatic or semi-auto?

A: we have automatic and semi-automatic labeling machine for round containers and flat surface.allof labeling machine can according to your requirement to customized .

3. Q: Which kinds ofprinter do you have ?

A: Yes, you can add coding machine, inkjet printer , lasser printer etc, these printer can printing production date, batch numbers,letters etc. can print at most three lines.

4.Q:whats the height of rubber roller ?

A:our standard rubber roller height is : 140 mm and 180 mm ,we have these parts in our warehouse . if our labels to high ,we can according to your labels size to customized .

5. Q: whats the label roll inside diameter ?

A: our label roll inside diameter: 76mm

6. Q: The machine can connect with the product line or not ?

A: Our labeling machine can connect with production line or put on the production line or operation alon all ok as you need.