High Speed Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine For Glass Bottle
Detailed Product Description

Type:Economy Bottle High Speed Automatic Factory Price Round Bottle Labeling Machine For UsedAdvantage:High Speed
Labeling Speed:60-200pcs/minFunction:Ahesive Sticker Labeling
Material:Stainless SteelModel:JHBS Mini Bottle Labeling Machine
Bottle Type:Automatic Round Bottle Labeler JarApplication:For All Kinds Of Regular And Irregular Containers

economy bottle high speed automatic factory price round bottle labeling machine for used


economy bottle high speed automatic factory price round bottle labeling machine for usedis suitable for all kinds regular and regular containers, flat surface or round bottles, especially ideal for flat surface and squarcontainers.


1. Operation: PLC control system makes labeling machine easy to operate
2. Material: Labeling machine's main body is made of SUS304 stainless steel
3. Configuration: Our labeling machines adopt well known Japanese, German, American, Korean or Taiwan brand parts
4. Flexibility: Client can chose to add printer and code machine; can chose to connect with converyer or not.

Technical Parameters:

Name : economy bottle high speed automatic factory price round bottle labeling machine for used
Labeling Speed : 60-350pcs/min
Height of Object : 30-350mm
Thickness of Object : 20-120mm
Height of Label : 5-180mm
Length of Label : 25-300mm
Label Roller Inside Diameter : 76mm
Label Roller Outside Diameter : 420mm
Accuracy of Labeling : ±1mm
Power Supply : 220V 50/60HZ 3.5KW
Gas Consumption of Printer : 5Kg/m2(if add coding machine)
Size of Labeling Machine : 2800(L)×1650(W)×1500(H)mm
Weight of Labeling Machine : 180kg

FAQ1What kind of labeling machine do you have?Dear Customer, we have automatic and semi-automatic labeling machine for round containers and flat surface.
Some model for one label and others for two labels or even more. And we can design the machine according to your specific labeling situation.
Thus, pls fell free to send us your labeling requirements, we'll provide you satisfying labeling solution.
2Could we add coding machine to print date and lot No.?Yes, you can chose to add coding machine to print the letters and No. you want.
It's hot stamp and can print at most three lines.
3What information should we supply to check the suitable model?Pls send us picture of your container and label, as well as the container and label size.
Pls also tell us what kind of label you use, if possible. (For exampe, self-adhesive, could glue, hot glue, etc. whether the label are in roll or pieces.)
Then, we'll let you check the suitable model.

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