Round Bottle Flat Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine Single Side 30-100mm
Detailed Product Description

Labeling Product Width:30-100mmMachine Warranty:1 Year
Label Width:190mmPackaging:Bottles,container,jar,
Accuracy:±0.8mmMc Weight:400KG

Round Bottle Flat sticker Labeling Machine Single Side 30-100 mm width


1 , The machine applys to one side labeling of all kinds of quadrate & flat bottles in pharmacy, food beverage, daily chemical industry etc.

2 , Can quickly switch to a different size bottle , simple to cooperate,orderliness beautiful, clean, easy to wash

3 , Applicable to all industriessingle side labeling products,and round bottle labeling such as daily chemicals, petroleum, machine oil, cleaning supplies, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and so on.

4 , Special Note: 1, such assingle side labeling of some irregular oval round bottle ,there may add an additional fixed mold labeling, the bottle is too thin, as the case may be labeling not pretty, high unqualified . The price need discussion

Technical Parameters

Production speed45m/min
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Label max width190mm
Bottle diameter30-100mm
Label inner diameter76.2mm
Label outer diameterMax330mm
Outline sizeL2000×W700×1400mm
Air source4-6KG 30L/MIn
Using power220V 50HZ 1200W


1 , This machine suit forsingle sided labeling of the square bottle,flat bottle and round bottles.

2 , Installed round bottle institution on it ,realize round bottle labeling ,plus one sensor ,can realize orientation labeling of the round bottles.The speed is around 2500B/H,max label high 168mm (accept custom).

3 , Using 82.6mm chain board width ,Suit for diameter / width 30-110mm bottles,flat bottle,round bottle,square bottle and some irregular bottles.

4 , Labeling head: new design,more stable,width 200mm,suit max label high 190mm,eight orienation adjustment.

5 , Machine can work with ribbon date printer and injek printer.

6 , When you have a lot of kinds of bottles,when labeling,only need to adjust machine.

7 , Only need to adjust oval bottle synchronous chain correcting device,for oval bottle.

Principal machine section

750W YASKAWA ultra-small inertia servo motor, Panasonic servo amplifier, Danfoss frequency converter, Panasonic motor, Siemens Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), HITECH color HMI (in English and Chinese user interface),Germany sick label sensor,Keyance/leuze bottle sensor

Mechanical part

1 , New design labeling head: using VKPAK patent design of new concept,increase strong rigidity making,multi-dimensional adjustment

2 , Conveyor sector: Taiwan imported AC motor 1500W, Danfoss frequency converter adjust the speed

3 , Guide Bottle institution: double coordinates adjusted scratch check rails in SS.

4 , Bottle dividing institution: Panasonic Motor, frequency control of motor speed.

5 , New style patent synchronous chain correcting institution: Panasonic motor, frequency converter adjust the speed , synchronous with the conveyor. (specially widely suit for cone bottle’s correcting,strength making,and suit for large range bottle.

6 , Top belt holder Pressing institution: spiral bevel gear transmission, synchronized with the conveyor institution

7 , Scratch label institution: sponge spring steel plate combination, Teflon patch.

8 , Pressure label institution: Combination non-power roller, quickly removable to accommodate different sizes of labels

9 , Machine host : it is made of 304SS and high quality material

10 , Machine design is reasonable strong rigidity,used patent design

11 , Installed round bottle institution: Particularly suitable for the whole high demanding paste; three-roller automatic orientation can greatly reduce the cone due to product labeling and other unknown factors that caused the error(Which can be achieved with one label of round bottle any post, installing electric eye can achieve positioning stickers, one label can post all faces, two labels symmetric and positioning post etc.).

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