China Automatic Rolled Label Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine 220V / 380V supplier
Detailed Product Description

Suited:Plastic Bottle / Glass BottleError:±1mm
Kind Of Machine:Labeling MachineVoltage:220V/380V
Volume Bottle:0.1-2LThe Power Of Motor:1200W

Automatic Rolled Label Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine 220V / 380V

The Scope of Application

Label on the front and back sides of different kinds object, such as round bottle, flat bottle, square bottle, cans, jars, carton and so on.

Device Characteristics

1 , Adopt mature technology PLC control system, operation is stable and high-speed.

2 , Using touch-screen man-machine interface operating system, simple and efficient.

3 , Upgraded disc label station design, also can suit for conical and flask bottle.

4 , Screw adjustment to suppress body movements accurately.

5 ,Synchronization chain mechanism ensure labeling smooth and precise calibration.

6 , Advanced technology of pneumatic coding system, print the batch number and expiry date clearly.

7 , Transmission-type rolling bottles, make sure the labels attached more firmly.

8 , Labeling transparent label without bubble and self-adhesive label without wrinkle.

9 , Butterfly designed station, machine's angle can be adjusted to adapt the bottle's shape.

Device Advantages

1 , Imported electric elements, stable performance, low failure rate.

2 , Adopting photoelectric detection, PLC control system, software operation, conveyor belt, labeling.

3 , accurately and high precision.

4 , Can be operated alone or contract with the production line.

5 , No bottle not labeling, automatic alarm when achieve leakage label.

6 , The whole machine use the material of S304 stainless steel and anodized senior aluminum alloy, with high corrosion resistance and never rust.


1 , The advanced kind human interface system,on-line helping system,really human-machine communicating.It is easy to operate so the worker can operate the machine in several hours.

2 , The Multi-function round bottle labeing machine is application to label cylinder bottles for daily chemical ,beverages,pharmaceuticals etc.

3 , The range of labels is extended because of high -power serco motor ,solves the common problem of theinsufficient strength.

4 , The machine adopts the special structure of air driving and labeling rollers with high labeing accuracy .

5 , Can be choose to label one piece or two pieces.And it can label the washing hand liquid bottles in front and b ack at the same time.

6 , The machine is particularly applicatable to circular label forbig round bottles,high repeat accuracy,without air bladder, with specia design, no need the structure of separate bottle it makes the system easier ,higher efficiensy .

7 , Automatically the machine adopts our company palent technology .The inaccurate labeling is Eliminated largely becase of the structure of three rollers capable of locating labeing position.


1 , Working Process for Automatic Singel/Double Sides Self-Adhesive Labeler/Labeling Machine

2 , The product of bottle body separated, the sensor detects the product passes the signal returned to the labeling control system, the control system in place to control the motor sends label affixed to the product subject to labeling and position, product flow the standard unit cover, covered with standard rotation driven products, the label is roll coating, a label attached to the action is completed.

Introduction Of Machine Structure

1 , All feeding label guide bar use heavy whole process, for making sure every guide bar with the vertical degree, ensure feeding label is stability.

2 , The machine has the vertical, horizontal of regulatory agencies,label can be realized position before and after adjustment for direction, suitable for various products, various position labeling.
Adopt Japanese Mitsubishi PLC control system,a more stable performance.

3 ,Part of labeling head
Labeling head mainboard:Using 30mm thick aluminum alloy plate , The whole process of grinding,ensure that plane grinding surface smoothness.The surface of aluminum alloy anode processing, gush arenaceoustechnology, ensure hardness and beautiful.

4 , The bottom of labeling head adopt whole seal structure, to avoid danger snap.

5 , Head motherboard adopt the most advanced CNC processing centerproduction, to ensure that each size precision.

6 , Feeding label part use five axis positioning, the max ensure feeding label process is stability.
Label and feeding label roller nearly 2 / 3 of the contact area, great avoid label and the roller sliding, improve accuracy of feeding label.

7 , Feeding label and recover label part use synchronization skid,avoid the label will been snapped.

Our Advantages

1 , We carry out careful inspection and running and debugging for each machine before they are delivered to the customers, to ensure we maintain the highest customer satisfaction of the machine. Therefore, our company enjoys high level of business credit among our customers in the industry for our high quality of machines delivered.

2 , Also, we have professional engneers who ensures correct manufacturing for the machines according to designs and if the customer needs, they will provide professional after sales service.

3 ,Our company has many experienced and professional designers who can provide customized designs of machines for your products according to your requirements.

4 ,Our professional workers are with at least five years of machine production experience, who help to manufacture high quality of machines for your products.

5 , If the client needs customized design of machines for your products, please kindly inform us your material viscosity, power voltage, the speed you require, the size of your vessels, etc. We sincerely welcome your inquiry and visit.

6 , We provide excellent after sales service for each customer whenever the customer has any question with the machine. And even after they have bought the machines for many years, we still provide necessary help for the machine to run normally.

Packaging & Shipping

1 ,The machine is packed in wooden case, all the machines should be coated before sealed in the wooden or iron case to make sure they are damp-proof and shock-proof.

2 ,We provide detailed installation videos for the machine, and also we provide the training video for the machine operation as well as the Instruction Manual, machine specifications and other relate files to the customers.

3 ,We also help the customers to clear the customs and provide them the custom with proforma invoice.

Technical Parameters

Production speed45m/min
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Label max width190mm
Bottle diameter30-100mm
Label inner diameter76.2mm
Label outer diameterMax330mm
Outline sizeL2000×W700×1400mm
Air source4-6KG 30L/MIn


Automatic Rolled Label Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine 220V / 380V

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