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Detailed Product Description

Capacity / H:Round Bottle 2500B/H Around , Flat Bottle 6000-8000B/HLabeling Precision:±1mm
Label Height Max.:190mmLabeling Device:Can Adjust The Angle
Size:4048mm X 1700mm X 1600mmApplication Label:Adhesive Labels
Labeling Industry:Bevarage/Drinks/Daily Chemical

Full Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine Labeller Self-Adhesive

Suitable for

1. Suitable for bottles in round, square, oval and other shapes, Adhesive Labeler is characterized by high precision, compact structure, strict processing, high speed and good stability etc. Widely used in various industries such as food & beverage, wine, seasoning, cosmetic, chemical etc.

2. The machine is used for precise labelling on single side or double side labeling

3. The machine operates at the speed upto 5000 - 8000 containers/h. (depending upon the label length).

4. Different shape and size of containers can be accommodated on the same machine with / without the help of change parts.

5. Two label dispensers operates independently which allows different size of label application on either side.


1. This machine suit for double sides labeling of the square bottle, flat bottle and round bottles with stickers (when the label size is not over 1/3 girth of round bottle) speed 6000-8000B/H

2. Installed three rollers type round bottle institution on it ,realize wrap around labeling of the round bottle,plus one sensor , Adhesive position labeling of the round bottles. The speed is around 2500B/H,max label high 168mm (accept custom)

3. Using conveyor chain board width 82.6mm, application to diameter / width 30-110mm bottles,flat bottle,round bottle,square bottle and some irregular bottles

4. Labeling head: new type, width 200mm, suit max label high 190mm, eight orienation adjustment (PATENT NO. ZL 2013 2 0634848.0)

5. We can provide ribbon date printer and injek printer for options

6. When you have a lot of kinds of bottles, when labeling, only need to adjust institution

7. If you also have oval bottle,then only need to adjust oval bottle synchronous chain correcting institution easy to opearate

We can also design according to your requirement

Main Features

1. This machine is electromechanical with several safety protection devices.

2. It is equipped with imported servo motor, touch screen in Chinese and English language and PLC control system. It's convenient for operation and maintenance.

3. It have automatic controlling detecting system, stopping machine in case of lacking bottles and label, bottle blocking, bottle inverting.

4. The driving roller is made of emery, so the friction is great and can keep the bottles again failing once labeling.

5. Using photoelectric control system driven labeling, the process is reliable and stable, labeling placement is adjustable.

Technical Parameters

Production speed45m/min
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Label max width190mm
Bottle diameter30-100mm
Label inner diameter76.2mm
Label outer diameterMax330mm
Outline sizeL2000×W700×1400mm
Air source4-6KG 30L/MIn
Using power220V 50HZ 1200W

Labeling device

Full Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine , Self-Adhesive Label Applicator Machine For Bottles

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