China PLC Touch Screen Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine Comestic Mask / Carton Mask supplier
Detailed Product Description

Control Type:PLC Touch ScreenProduction Capacity:150pcs
Industry:Cosmetic/Food/PhamaceuticalLabeling Type:Sticker
Labeling Accuracy:±0.5mmWeight:200KG

PLC Touch Screen Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine Comestic Mask / Carton Mask


1 , Stable card sorting: advanced sorting - reverse thumbwheel technology is used for card sorting; the sorting rate is much higher than common card sorting mechanisms.

2 , Speedy card sorting and labeling: for monitoring code labeling on drug cases, production speed can reach 200 articles/minute or above.

3 , Wide application scope: support labeling on all kinds of cards, paper sheets, and unfolded cartons;

Stable labeling accuracy: coping wheel is used for smoothing work piece, stable delivery, warping removing and accurate labeling.

4 , The sophisticated design of adjustment part, the label rounding and optional six positions for labeling make product change and label rounding simple and time-saving.

5 , Intelligent control Automatic photoelectric tracking that avoids idle labeling while correcting and detecting labels automatically, so as to prevent mislabeling and label waste.

6 , High stability PLC+ touch screen + Panasonic Panasonic needle + Germany Matsushita Electric eye Leuze label consisting of senior electric eye control system, support equipment 7 x 24 hour operation.

7 , Automatic shutdown: labeled bottles numbering, power saving (the device will automatically change into standby mode if no labeling is detected within a given time), indication of labeled bottles and protection of parameter setting (hierarchical authority to parameter setting) bring much convenience to production and management


1 ,Applicable to all kinds of card products, achieving the integration of dividing cards, automatic labeling, and automatic card collection. With the application of advanced flexible card dividing technology, it’ll divide the cards smoothly without a scratch on the surface of it.

2 , Such as: scratching cards, PE bags, flattened box, paper bag, garment bag, advertising color pages, magazine covers and so on.


Production speed150pcs/min
Labeling accuracy±0.5mm
Label max width190mm
ApplicationsLetters/Box/Hang tag
Label inner diameter76.2mm
Label outer diameter330mm
Outline sizeL2500×W600×H1600mm
Using power220V 50HZ 1500W


1 , Imported electric elements, stable performance, low failure rate.

2 , Adopting photoelectric detection, PLC control system, software operation, labeling accurately and high precision.

3 , No objects not labeling, automatic alarm when achieve leakage label.

4 , The whole machine use the material of S304 stainless steel and anodized senior aluminum alloy,with high corrosion resistance and never rust;

5 , Advanced technology of pneumatic coding system, print the batch number and expiry date clearly.

Most component are made by aluminum,cutting the weight and cutting the transportation fees.

6 , The production max speed is about 180pcs/min.Labeling accuracy is ±0.5mm.

7 , The machine’s Using power,dimension,Weight are customized.

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PLC Touch Screen Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine Comestic Mask / Carton Mask

PLC Touch Screen Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine Comestic Mask / Carton Mask

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