Round Bottle Label Applicator Electrical Cabinet Sticker Labeling Machine
Detailed Product Description

Power Source:ElectricControl System:SIEMENS
Operation System:PLC ControlLabeling Accuracy:±1mm
Label Inner Diameter:76.2mmMaximum Labeling Diameter:330mm

Round Bottle Label Applicator Electrical Cabinet Sticker Labeling Machine

Equipment function characteristics

1 , Control system: Use SIEMENS brand PLC control system, with high stable operation and extremely low failure rate.

2 , Operation system:The man machine control 7 inch touch screen, directly visual interface easy operation, with Chinese and English two kinds language, also rich withthe help function and fault display function.

3 , Check system: Use German LEUZE check label sensor, automatic check label station, stable and convenient don't have much higher requirement for worker.

4 , Send label system: Use SIEMENS high-power servo control system, stable with high speed.

5 , Parameter save:can save 10 groups labeling parameters, when change bottles don't need reset parameters, just adjust machine part is ok.

6 , Alarm function: Such as label spill, label broken or other malfunction during machine working all will alarm and stop working.

7 , Machine Material: Machine and spare parts all use material S304 stainless steel and anodized senior aluminum alloy,with high corrosion resistance and never rust.

8 , Labeling way : Use the servo send label system to send label on product surface.

9 , Low voltage circuit all use the German Schneider brand.

During Sales

1 , Depends on client products and labeling position, made reasonable reform base on the standard machine.

2 , Repeat 20 ongoing hours testing equipment operation stability .

3 , Execute GMP certification for the equipment and materials used in the production process requirement and specification strictly.


1 , Common diverter is suitable for different diameter of bottles, fast adjustment and locked location.

2 , Coding Machine for option, it can print date, lot No. online.

3 , Structure designed simple, smart, easy to maintenance.

4 , Labeling speed, convey speed, diverter speed can be adjusted.

5 , Use famous brand motor driven, label supply stable and reliable.

6 , PLC control system, the whole machine work stable with high speed.

7 , Photoswitch inspection to ensure no bottle, no labeling; no label, autocorrection and alarm.

8 , Use resilience cotton belt ensure labeling smooth, no fold, improved labeling quality.


1 , Label inner diameter is 76.2mm,max outer diameter is 330mm.

2 , The machine is apply to the Daily Chemical and Food Industry,

3 , Labeling max width is 190mm(can be raised according to the require).

4 , Bottle diameter of Thickness is greater than or equal to 30mm,height is less than or equal to 500mm.

Technical Parameters

Production speed45m/min
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Label max width190mm(can be raised according to the require)
Bottle diameterThickness≥30mm height≤500mm
Label inner diameter76.2mm
Label outer diameterMax330mm
Outline sizeL2000×W700×1400mm
Using power220V 50HZ 1500W


1 , Most component are made by aluminumofanodizing3.0 side board,cutting the weight and cutting the transportation fees.

2 , The production max speed is about 45m/min.Labeling accuracy is ±1mm.

3 , The machine’s Using power,dimension,Weight are customized.


Round Bottle Label Applicator Electrical Cabinet Sticker Labeling Machine

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