High Speed Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine With Rotation Function
Detailed Product Description

Brand:BosonDescription:Simplex High Speed
Labeling Capacity:50m/minLabeling Accuracy:±1mm
Labeling Type:Rotary And High SpeedAdvandge:High Prodution

High Speed Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine With Rotation Function

Product Characteristic

1 , The parts use high quality aluminum, steel and imported nylon.Machining parts material guarantee:The machine is made of high quality raw materials.

2 ,It is suitable for the single/double/multi-sides of the round bottle, square bottle and irregular bottle.Wide range of application.

3 ,Using mechanical rotating positioning, advantage of the characteristics of the bottle itself looking for anchor point, greatly improve the stick mark stability and accuracy.High positioning accuracy.

4 , Accurate labeling at various speed;Replace bottle does not need to replace any parts of labeling engine, only need to adjust the operating parameters, make sure process more simple;

5 , Small amount of damage label(reach to the international advanced standards).

6 , Servo drive, labeling in high accuracy.

7 , Full automatic logic program control, easy to control, easy to adjust.

8 , cut label and collection label with independent drive to ensure smooth operation of the servo drive;

9 ,Advanced processing equipment:main parts professional factory uses in all Polytechnic high precision processing to complete, the main parts in the machining process will be used in the highest level of detection methods for quality control, in order to obtain the highest quality and highest-precision parts, reduction of machine vibration at high speeds.

10 , Novel structure. Main designers have more than 10 years design experience in this field. Each component are through strict aging test.

11 , Using world first-class brand electrical accessories.

Technical Parameter

Power supplyAC380V 50Hz 5.5KW
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Label max height195mm
Labeling capacity50m/min
Bottle diameterhickness≥30mm Height≤500mm
Label paper core’s inner diameter76.2mm
Label external diameter330mm
Overall measurementL1740×W2020×H2100mm


1 , This machine is fully automatic rotary self-adhesive labeling machine. Suits for different industries for beer, wine, white spirit, health wine, seasoning, cosmetics, medicine, cans and others.

2 , It can highly improve the work efficiency, with the advantages of humanized design, high flexibility ,easy to operate, steady speed, clean labeling environment ,easy to repair and maintenance,strong work performance.

3 ,It’s the necessary labeling machine for the company to upgrade their product and quality.


1 , Label paper core’s inner diameter is 76.2mm,Label external diameter is 330mm.

2 , Most component are made by aluminum,cutting the weight and cutting the transportation fees.

3 , The machine is apply to the Daily Chemical and Food Industry.

4 , The production max speed is about 50m/min. Labeling accuracy is ±1mm.

5 , Bottle diameter of Thickness is greater than or equal to 30mm, height is less than or equal to 500mm.

6 , The machine’s Using power, dimension, Weight are customized.

7 , The Power supply is AC380V 50Hz 5.5KW, Label max height is 195mm.

Product details

High Speed Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine With Rotation Function

High Speed Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine With Rotation Function

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