Servo Motor Vial Sticker Labeling Machine Automatic Sticker Ampoule Tube
Detailed Product Description

Mode Of Driving:Servo MotorAdvantages:Aluminum/Stainless Steel
Labeling Products:Pharmaceuticals IndustryGrade:Automatic
Labeling Accuracy:±0.5mmLabel Max Width:130mm

Servo Motor Vial Labeling Machine Automatic Sitkcer Ampoule Tube


1 ,Most component are made by aluminum, cutting the weight and cutting the transportation fees.

2 ,The production max speed is about 500pcs/min. Labeling accuracy is ±0.5mm. High speed and accurate labeling make the manufature moreefficient. Apply to variousof industry, such as Pharmaceutical (Ampoules, Injection vials and so on).

Product Characteristic

1 ,The Scope of Application: Applicable for round objects with smaller diameter whihc can not stand when labeling, such as ampoule ,vials,blood collection tube, pen,sausage and so on.
(P.S. our labeling machine can be designed according to your needs)

2 ,Device Characteristics: Adopt mature technology PLC control system, operation is stable and high-speed; Using touch-screen control operating system, simple and efficient for operation; Advanced technology of pneumatic coding system, print the batch number and expiry date clearly; Transmission-type rolling bottle device, make sure the label attached more firmly; The damaged rate of bottle is less than 1/200000;

3 ,Device Advantages: Imported electric elements, stable performance, low failure rate;
Adopt photoelectric detection, PLC control system, software operation, conveyor belt, label accurately with high precision; No bottle no label, automatic alarm when achieve leakage label. The whole machine use material S304 stainless steel and anodized senior aluminum alloy.


Production speed500pcs/min
Labeling accuracy±0.5mm
Label max width130mm
Bottle diameter10-30mm
Label inner diameter76.2mm
Label outer diameter330mm
Outline sizeL2500×W1200×1600mm
Using power220V 50HZ 1500W


1 , The machine is apply to the pharmaceutical industry,Labeling max width is 130mm.

2 , Bottles diameter is between 10-30mm,also label inner dameter is 76.2mm.

3 , max diameter diameter is 330mm.

Product Details

Servo Motor Vial Sticker Labeling Machine Automatic Sitkcer Ampoule Tube

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