PLC Touch Screen Control Label Applicator Machine
Detailed Product Description

Item:Vial Labeling MachineUsage:Pharmaceuticals Industry
Production Speed:500pcs/minActuation:Electric
Product Weight:380KGMaterial:Aluminum/Stainless Steel

PLC Touch Screen Control Label Applicator Machine 500pcs/min Speed


1 ,  Self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive film, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc.

2 , Requires circumferential surface or a small cone attached to the surface membrane of the small label or product.

3 , Widely used in medicine, cosmetics, electronics, metal, plastics and other industries.

4 , Glue bottle labeling, oral liquid bottle labeling, labeling pen, lipstick labeling and so on


Production speed500pcs/min
Labeling accuracy±0.5mm
Label max width130mm
Bottle diameter10-30mm
Label inner diameter76.2mm
Label outer diameter330mm
Outline sizeL2500×W1200×1600mm
Using power220V 50HZ 1500W


1 , Most component are made by aluminum,cutting the weight and cutting the transportation fees.

2 , The production max speed is about 500pcs/min.Labeling accuracy is ±0.5mm.

3 , Ampoules,Injection vials,various of industry applied,such as Pharmaceutical

4 , High speed and accurate labeling make the manufature more efficient.

Product Characteristic

1 , With fault alarm function, production counting function, power saving features, the production number setting prompts, parameter setting protection function to facilitate the production and management.

2 ,Broken bottles is low, the application of flexible technology and a flexible cover of bottle labeling technique, divided bottle labeling smooth, broken bottles rate of less than one hundred thousandth.

3 , Label Adhesive Paper Sticker to Small Round products or bottles, bottle size can adjustable.

4 , Widely used for chemical, pharmaceuticals, food industries, provide solutions for the packaging line.

5 , Automatic Labeling with container for bottle feeding, high working efficiency, labor and space saved.

6 , Easyoperation, labeling controlled by PLC and touch screen.

7 , No products, No labeling, machine parts imported from Japan,Fance,Tanwai. Labeling Accuracy is high.

8 , Work in dependently or joining to a production line.

9 , Labeling Speed is high, suitable for middle or big batch production.

10 , Special sensor fortransparent label

11 , High stability, Panasonic PLC + touch screen + Panasonic Matsushita Electric eye needle + German Leuze label sensor composed of advanced electronic control systems, support equipment 7 × 24 hours at high speed.

12 , Solid health, mainly made by Aluminum andstainless steel , meet GMP production, solid structure, beautiful appearance.

10 , With a detour correction using standard techniques, labels affixed to coincide with the head and tail on high; rub roll-covered standard, labeling flat. improve the quality of packaging. Labeling quality, No wrinkles, no bubbles,

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PLC Touch Screen Control Label Applicator Machine 500pcs/min Speed


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