Front & Back Self Adhesive Labeling Machine
Detailed Product Description

Voltage:220V/380V 50HzMachine Power:6500W
Production Capacity:6000-80000B/hType:Full Automatic Labeling Machine
Key Material:AluminumFunction:Label On Bottle Jar Container

Full automatic Self Adhesive Two-Sided Front & Back Labeler machine


1 , This Labeler is suitable for various one-sided or two-sided labeling. An optional wrap station is offered for wrap labels on round bottles. in the industry ofCosmetics, Drinks, Cleaning, Detergent, Skin Care Products, Hair Care Products, Oil, Tea etc.

2 , Two sets labeling heads,each labeling head with one set PLC

3 , The machine has advanced HIM and more function, simple operation, compact configuration.

4 , Using PLC control system, Touch screen operation interface

5 , No object no labelling, no label can revise and inspect by itself.

6 , The machine can work alone or work with other machines.

Technical Parameter

Production speed250BS/min
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Label max widthNeck label125mm front back label195mm
Bottle diameterThickness≥30mm Height≤500mm
Label inner diameter76.2mm
Label outer diameter400mm
Outline sizeL4080 W1200×1600mm
Using power380V/220V 50Hz 6500W


1 , The machine using servo motor not step motor.

2 , High labeling precision.

3 , Advanced TAIWAN HITECH interface control system.

4 , Germany Siemens PLC control, high reliability.

5 , Machine structure is simple, compact, easy to operation and maintenance.

6 , Labeling qualitied rate 98-99%

7, Thespecial design of shaping mechanism, ensure accurate positioning is attached to objects, to achieve accurate labeling.

8, The eight dimension adjustment with the new type lebeling head, for special angle products, only need to adjust angle, easy operation and convenient.

Added Details

1 , Touch Screen Control System with 20 sets Job Memory

2 , Labeling speed up to 250BPM ( according to the length of label )

3 , Simple Straight Forward Operator Controls

4 , Special design for three-side labeling,also added fold label.

5 , On-Screen trouble description which is easy to solve

6 , Most material are made by Aluminum and less are Stainless Frame

7 , Open Frame design, easy to adjust and change the label

8 ,Variable Speed with stepless motor

9 , Label Count Down (for precise run of set number of labels) to Auto Shut Off

10 , Stamping Coding Device attached

Machine photo

Two-Sided Front & Back Self Adhesive Labeling Machine With Touch screen Full Automatic

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