China HIG automatic round bottle sticker labelling machine for beer bottle spoke motor GPG brand supplier
Detailed Product Description

Labeling Speed:60-200pcs/minFunction:Ahesive Sticker Labeling
Height Of Object:30-280mmThickness Of Object:20-200mm
Height Of Label:15-140mmLength Of Label:25-300mm
Accuracy Of Labeling:±1mmLabel Roller Inside Diameter:76mm
Label Roller Outside Diameter:320mmKey1:Label Paper
Key2:Private Label Toilet PaperKey3:Label Sticker Cubs

food labelling and packing machine automatic labeling machine self adhesive sticker cans jars labeling machine

1. Double side label stiker machineadopts high density sponge belt to smooth the labels on the bottles, after the rolling, there is no wrinkles, improve packaging quality;

2. Imported the Japannese PLC system, the touch operating system in English and Chinese, man-machine dialogue,operation simple

3. High accuracy and high speed, dispensing & labeling automatically printing date on the bottle at the same time

4. client can choose the option according to your requirement.Coding machine is the code printer, to print the series no. and production date etc. if any.

5. Adopts for screw and star wheel cooperate,ensure high speed operation,products smooth and stable

Technical Parameters:

Namefood labelling and packing machine automatic labeling machine self adhesive sticker cans jars labeling machine
Labeling Speed60-200pcs/min
Height of Object30-380mm
Thickness of Object20-200mm
Height of Label15-140mm
Length of Label25-300mm
Label Roller Inside Diameter76mm
Label Roller Outside Diameter200mm
Accuracy of Labeling±1mm
Power Supply220V 50/60HZ 3.5KW
Gas Consumption of Printer5Kg/m2(if add coding machine)
Size of Labeling Machine2800(L)×1450(W)×1360(H)mm
Weight of Labeling Machine180kg
applicationchemical,pharmaceutical,cosmetic for square and round cans and jars

Main configuration:

2Main converterDANFOSS(Denmark)1
3Bottle separating frequency convertorDELTA(Taiwan)1
5Servo labeling motorDELTA(Taiwan)2
6Servo labeling motor driverDELTA(Taiwan)2
7Conveyor motorH.Y(Taiwan)1
8Conveyor motor gearboxH.Y(Taiwan)1
9Spoke motorGPG(Taiwan)1
10Spoke motor gearboxGPG(Taiwan)1
11Bottle separating motorGPG(Taiwan)2
12Bottle separating motor gear boxGPG(Taiwan)2
13object detect magic eyeOMRON(Japan)1
14optical fiberOMRON(Japan)1
16No label alarm magic eyeOMRON(Japan)2
17Label outing detect magic eyeLEUZE(Germany)2

Main PLC system:

In the touch screen:

1. label speed
A numerical modifying button. It shows the current speed of labeling, change this parameter to change the servo labeling output speed.

The figure is bigger, the speed is faster.

2. Label length
A numerical modifying button, the labeling result is not idea if the label is not in suitable peeling position. Change the figure to adjust the right position between label and peel off board to get ideal result. The Label length figure actually is delay time for stopping of labeling.


1. This machine use 220V single phase 3 lines power, need to grounded well, or you may get electric shock.

2. You are expected to make sure the spacing interval between turn on and turn off the machine is always more than 30 seconds, otherwise the electric parts may be broken down.

3. servo driver, frequency converter, programmable controller inside the chassis are forbidden to modify, if you modify these parts, the machine will not work normally

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