Vial Sticker Labeling Machine Gel Polish And Nail Polish StickersDetailed Product Description

Operation  :Vial Sticker Labeling Machine Gel Polish And Nail Polish StcikersConveyor Motor:GPG(Taiwan)
Labeling Speed:60-300pcs/minHeight Of Object:25-95mm
Accuracy Of Labeling:±0.5mmPower Supply:220V 50/60HZ 2KW
Diameter Of Object:20-200mmLabel Roller Inside Diameter:76mm
Label Roller Outside Diameter:320mmGas Consumption Of Printer:5Kg/cm^2
PLC:Panasonic (Japan)Label Detect Magic Eye:Tess (Italian)
Cylinder:CPC( China)Power Switch:Mingwei ( China)

Vial Sticker Labeling Machine Gel polish and nail polish stcikers


Horizontal small round bottle labeling machine is applicable for all kinds of round cylinder shape object in articles for daily use (apothecary jar, ball-point pen, glue stick) , chemical (test tube, chemical bottle), pharmaceutical (penicillin bottle, ampoule bottle, medicine bottle, injectional medicine), cosmetic (nail polish, lip stick, lipliner, pomade, eyeblack, BB Cream, spray bottle) electronic (A small flashlight, thermometer, 7th battery, currency detector) etc industry.

Technical Parameters

NameVial Labeling Machine
Labeling Speed60-300pcs/min
Height of Object25-95mm
Thickness of Object12-25mm
Label Roller Inside Diameter76mm
Label Roller Outside Diameter350mm
Accuracy of Labeling±0.5mm
Power Supply220V 50/60HZ 2KW
Gas Consumption of Printer5Kg/m2(if add coding machine)
Size of Labeling Machine2500(L)×1250(W)×1750(H)mm
Weight of Labeling Machine150kg

Vial Sticker Labeling Machine Gel Polish And Nail Polish StcikersVial Sticker Labeling Machine Gel Polish And Nail Polish Stcikers


3labeling motorDELTA(Taiwan)1
4labeling motor driveDELTA(Taiwan)1
5Conveyor motorGPG(Taiwan)1
6Conveyor motor gearboxGPG(Taiwan)1
7Spoke bottle motorGPG(Taiwan)1
8Spoke motor gearboxGPG(Taiwan)1
9Conveyor / spokes governorGPG(Taiwan)2
10object detect magic eyeOMRON(Japan)1
11optical fiberOMRON(Japan)1
12Label outing detect magic eyeLEUZE(Germany)1

Pre-sales and after-sales service:

1. Professional technical consultation service

2. Professional training service.

3. Responsible for providing technical support.

4. One year warranty, provide maintenance services.

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