Automatic Soft Drinks Round Bottle Labeling Machine
Detailed Product Description

Product Name:Excellent Automatic Soft Drinks Bottles Labeling Machine Spare Parts Spoke And PLC SystemOutput Speed:20-200pcs/min
Is Suitable The Bottle Diameter:30-120mmBottle Height:30-280mm
Power Supply:220V 1.5HP 50/60HZPLC:MITSUBISHI(Japan)
Servo Labeling Motor:DELTA(Taiwan)Height Of Label:15-140mm
Lenghth Of Label:25-300mmKey1:Food Label Sticker
Key2:Adhesive Thermal Label StickerKey3:Sticker Bottle Labeling Machine

excellent automatic soft drinks bottles labeling machine spare parts spoke and PLC system


Excellent automatic soft drinks bottles labeling machine spare parts spoke and PLC systemis suitable for all kinds of round cylinder shape objects asthe pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other industries, the circumference of the round object and high precision are (double standard) and the fixed point and position on the back label.


1. Out of the station can be adjusted 3d space,especially suitable for taper type bottle,and easy to adjust different size of the product

2. Adopts for Japanese OMRON imported object detect magic eye and German DANFOSS imported main converter,simple operation,stability running

3. imported the Japannese PLC system, the touch operating system in English and Chinese, man-machine dialogue, operation simple

4. Adopts for screw and star wheel cooperate,ensure high speed operation,products smooth and stable

Technical Parameters

Nameautomatic round bottle jar can labeling machine self adhesive sticker with elliptical spoke
Labeling Speed20-200pcs/min
Height of Object30-280mm
Diameter of bottle can20-120mm
Height of Label15-140mm
Length of Label25-300mm
Label Roller Inside Diameter76mm
Label Roller Outside Diameter380mm
Accuracy of Labeling±0.5mm
Power Supply220V 50/60HZ 0.2KW
Gas Consumption of Printer5Kg/m2(if add coding machine)
Size of Labeling Machine570(L)×250(W)×500(H)mm
Weight of Labeling Machine150kg


You can choose to add

1. Paging MachineNormal paging machine is suitable for products, whose thickness less than 5mm, width less than 300mm.If your products are thicker and wider, you should change to paging machine with absorption.
2. Coding MachineOur coding machine is driven by electricity and do not need air pressure,it can print at most three lines and every line at most est. 12 letters.

As it is added at the end of the labeling machine, it can be adjusted left and right and forward and backward.

The ribbon size is standard, you can replace in your country later.

The standard letters for the coding machine is numbers from 0 to 9, and some english letters, such as Date, Batch, Exp.etc.

3. Transparent label monitor or Universal label monitorIf your labels are all non-transparent type, normal label monitor is ok;

If your labels are all transparent type, change to transparent label monitor is suitable;

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