Auto Self Adhesive Single Side Rotary Labeling Machine High Speed
Detailed Product Description

Label Paper Core’s Inner Diameter:76.2mmLabel External Diameter:330mm
Labeling Capacity:50m/minLabeling Accuracy:±1mm
Labeling Type:Rotary And High SpeedLabel Sensor:Magic Eye

Automatic Self adhesive single side Rotary Labeling Machine 15000B/H


1. For single size bottle with big quantity .

2. Single side label one bottle

3. Speed 15000B/H

4. One set labeling head with 15 stations

Technical Parameter

Power supplyAC380V 50Hz 5.5KW
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Label max height195mm
Labeling capacity50m/min
Bottle diameterhickness≥30mm Height≤500mm
Label paper core’s inner diameter76.2mm
Label external diameter330mm
Overall measurementL1740×W2020×H2100mm

Rotary labeling machine Characteristic

1) labeled bottle pass screw separate bottle sector running to turnbtalbe

2) after bottle turned to startwheel,automatic turn under pressing bottle head driving

3) a prominent location pin At the bottom of the bottle base will rise,when the bottle positioning groove through the dowel pin under the action of spring force,
Locating slot, stuck slot bottle is no longer rotating, the upper part of the sliding pressure bottle and the bottle cap.(for positioning products)

4) Due to the bottle labeling position is spherical, so request to stick the starting point for the halfway point of the bottle, the label come out from delivery station, suck on the vacuum drum at first

The operation of the vacuum drum and the main wheel is one to one running, after the vacuum drum with a label running to corresponding position , middle part of label first adhesive the highest point , the bottle preliminary label action

5) When the bottle continue to run to the next station, pressing label sponge roller to pressure label action, pressure of the roller movement is in contact with the bottle plane, not to Rotation, so that the force for pressing label will be scattered around, these labels can be uniform deformation and complete labeling.

6) labeled bottle send to conveyor, under the drive of the star wheel

7) the complete labeling process is in continuous operation ,the bottle is running at a constant speed all the time, so it can realize the high speed labeling

3. automatic rising-lowering Functions: microcomputer automatically rising and lowering adjust, adopt German SEW motor control, used in the production adjustment is very convenient.

Special Instruction

1) for the positioning products, need to note: need make a locating slot in the bottom of bottle, under the condition of non-effect the appearance of bottle, the locating slot at the bottom of the locating slot to as far as possible
Outside depend, located slot at the bottom of bottle is very important, and more equality , not different depth

2) Change different bottle type, need to change parts, the price need discussion, depending on the bottle shape.
(replacement as follows: fence for feeding bottle, star wheel for bottle feeding, middle guide board, bottle base, star wheel for bottle coming out )

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