Rotary Labeler Machine Front And Back
Detailed Product Description

Condition:CustomizedMain Material:Aluminum
Diameter Of Bottle:Thickness≥30mm Height≤500mmPower Supply:AC380V 50Hz 5.5KW
Labeling Accuracy:±1mmLabel Max Height:195mm
Labeling Capacity:50m/minOverall Measurement:L1740×W2020×H2100mm

Rotary labeling machine front and back / Neck and front speed 15000B/H

Technical Parameter

Power supplyAC380V 50Hz 5.5KW
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Label max height195mm
Labeling capacity50m/min
Bottle diameteraccording to bottle samples
Label paper core’s inner diameter76.2mm
Label external diameter330mm
Overall measurementL1740×W2020×H2100mm

Applications for

1 , The machine is suitable for single size bottle withhigh quatity and high speed for round / flat /square /cone bottles in water ,drinks ,beverage , milk industries .

2, Different size ,different shape need change the parts .if you have a lot of size bottles ,dont sugest to use this model machine .

3, Speed 15000B/H

4, Using 15 stations,two sets labeling head

Rotary labeler front and back / Neck and front speed 15000B/H CE Certification

Features of BS Series

1. BS series fully automatic rotary labeling machine under the senior engineer for nearly 10 years of research, using German professional technology, with great concentration for many years, with good quality and innovative ideas will be incorporated into every detail of labeling machine, really perfect labeling.

2. Using rotary encoder connection between production line and labeling,the system has the function of learning, can automatically detect the product and the size of the label, make use of the CPU

3. High-speed operation function make the label with the center line of the product Anastomotic, greatly improve accuracy, labeling precision of normal bottle can reach within 0.8 mm.

4. With rotary encoder tracking, labeling is not affected by velocity, avoids voltage fluctuation, the system damping changes, and other factors on influence of labeling accuracy.

5. High precision servo system to realize the high response and high reliability, make you no trouble back at home

6. The machine parts adopt unique surface treatment technology, never rust.

Product's details

Rotary labeler front and back / Neck and front speed 15000B/H CE Certification

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